15-Minute Easter Candy Bark 

It’s Friday my friends. I have somewhat successfully survived the week with only two… wait no, three emotional breakdowns.

Like I said before, it’s like ripping off a band-aid. More like a pretty hefty band-aid that’s been stuck on my skin for a few years. The pain takes a few minutes to really sink in once it’s removed. A lingering sting.

With some minor setbacks I’ve managed to move out of my apartment – out of New Hampshire entirely; find an apartment in Massachusetts that I’m pretty excited about; backed my car into a wooden fence and scratched my bumper at not-even-the-right- DMV Iw as supposed to be at; cried all the way to the DMV I should have been at; switched my lisence back to being a Masshole; unpacked and cleaned my little old room where poor Blake Shelton is locked up all day. Hopefully he is doing a little better than I am with all this change. He brings me back to sanity as he cuddles up onto my face at night and gets fur up my nose.

And I finally went to the chiropractor after a year of pain in my neck – an experience in itself . I don’t know how that crunching sound from my spine happens and I am still alive. Apparently, sitting at a desk and typing for long periods of time is detrimental to my back and neck (shocker). I wasn’t expecting the appointment to be so forceful and filled with pain radiating up to my head, but after I feel so much release.

I haven’t even thought too much (as I normally tend to do) about starting a new job next week. Of course it’s the root of all this change, but I feel so far away from the reality of it still and I’ve been so busy thinking of other things. I’m more excited right now to ask Rielly a million questions about her recent trip to Ireland and Iceland, dreaming of my own trip to Iceland in just 10 days, seeing my cousins later today, moving into a new apartment, and sharing this beautiful spring bark recipe with you.

Fortunately for you, this recipe is here and now. For me, the next week will probably feel like a whole month.


You’ll need:

  • 1 package vanilla candy costing chocolate
  • Spring colored m&ms
  • Spring or birthday cake Oreos
  • Rainbow sprinkles
  • (I found a few bags of semi-sweet chocolate chips in the pantry so I made two more batches with those.)

Prepare a baking sheet by covering it with a piece of parchment paper.

Melt the chocolate over the stove on low heat, stirring any chunks out. Once smooth, pour chocolate on parchment paper. Smooth over with a spoon or spatula in a rounded rectangular shape.

Chop the Oreos with a sharp knife. Sprinkle over chocolate with the m&ms and sprinkles. (Make sure to press the Oreos in so they don’t fall out when you cut them.)

Refrigerate for 45 minutes (or put it outside of it’s cold enough), cut and place back in the fridge for later! Don’t let the chocolate sit for too long in the fridge before cutting it because it will be more difficult to cut (don’t leave it overnight).

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