Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers 

Tomorrow is my last day at The Keene Sentinel. I can’t believe it. It seems like it has been at least a few crazy years – not just one and a few months. Here I sit, at a clean and empty desk, with breath reeking of garlic from the Spinach and Artichoke Dip I made for our  St. Patrick’s Day potluck.

ELF Magazine has defined my life for the past year, and reflected all my passions.

I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work here.  

With Friday (tomorrow) being my last day, there is not much time to spare elsewhere either. I move out of my apartment on Saturday, head home to my parents’ home in Massachusetts that afternoon, and have a week to look at apartments, buy some nice work clothes, switch over my license, license plates, fill out documents for the new job, and who knows what else.

I start at HBP on the following Monday, and then just a week later I leave for Iceland.


I haven’t even told ya’ll about my potential roommate situation. I received a reply on Craigslist for someone looking for a roommate at her Brighton apartment. We have a lot of the same interests and she mentioned she was visiting her parents in her native Vermont. I asked where in Vermont she was headed, because I’m only 30 minutes from Brattleboro, and she mentioned that she was planning on stopping in Brattleboro to visit the Co-op on her way. We ended up meeting for lunch – I found out she works in the same building I will be working, the apartment is 10 minutes via bike to the offices, and she has an orange and white cat named Gus who was waiting in the car and is adorable. KAY. I am seeing the apartment next week with my mom so I am excited about that.


Otherwise, I haven’t been very emotional. I think because I’ve just been too busy the past few weeks to really be hit by what I know is about to happen. There has been a few moments; a rush of sadness that takes over my body. First when Terry talked about my accomplishments in the Tuesday morning meeting and said how much I will be missed; and second when I went out with coworkers last night to Margaritas and was talking about how scared I am and how much I love this region. They agreed how hard it is to leave; as they haven’t and don’t plan on it. There’s just something so “homey” about it.

It will be so strange leaving work tomorrow for the last time…

I’m waiting for that all to hit at once.


On a lighter note, and this published in brief in this week’s ELF Magazine, I did make some bomb-diggity jalapeño poppers this week.

Everything was going wonderful until Blake Shelton hopped onto the counter and snagged a sliver of pepper guts, seeds and all! He immediately started bubbling at the mouth and sneezing. I tried to pry his mouth open but it was impossible. He ran off and continued sneezing as if it was a casual occurrence. So I gave him a bowl of almond milk to neutralize the heat. I can’t imagine what was possibly going on in his little kitty belly. I looked online and didn’t find much except that he might vomit or get diarrhea and to see the vet if he doesn’t stop. But that wasn’t an issue.


In the end, he is a strange little cat. He’s been through a lot and he’s about to go on a heck of an adventure moving to Boston with me. I sure will miss walking home from the Sentinel and seeing him in the corner apartment window bathing in the sun.

I hope you enjoy these poppers as much as everyone who tried one at work! Although they pack some heat, they are super simple and indulgently cheesy; just grab a glass of milk to chase it down.

You’ll need:

  • 12 jalapeños
  • 1 brick of low-fat cream cheese (8oz.)
  • 1 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese
  • ½ teaspoon garlic powder
  • 12 pieces of bacon
  • Disposable gloves (very important)

Slice the jalapeños lengthwise and scoop out the insides with a spoon. MAKE SURE you are wearing gloves during this process because the spice of the pepper will linger on your fingers no matter how many times you wash your hands.

Preheat the oven to 350. Once all the peppers are halved and gutted, mix the cream cheese, cheddar cheese and garlic powder in a bowl. Spoon the filling into the crevice of the peppers. Cut the bacon in half and wrap one slice around each pepper. Place in oven for about 40 minutes until bacon is crispy.

If cheese falls out, use a fork to stuff it back into the pepper!


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