How to Cut Open a Baby Thai Coconut 

Opening a coconut is similiar to digging for buried treasure. I always wonder things like, “How did the first person come about discovering a mango,” or like, “What made the first person who ever ate a coconut, try and get into the coconut in the first place, and how did they know it was edible?” and now, “How the f*** did they do it?” Because they definitely needed a machete. Or a boulder that they could miraculously pick up and throw. It must have been such an exciting moment to break into this rock of a fruit for the first time and discover a subtly sweet and earthy raw flavor like the coconut for the first time. 

I picked out two baby Thai coconuts at Market Basket just for fun; envisioning  a dream-like scenario of myself sipping sweet coconut water through a pink straw. Little did I know I would need to first put on some gym shorts and get ready for a sweat.

After struggling with my less-than-average Chef’s knife to cut off the tip of the coconut and managing to slice off nothing but hairy pieces of shell, I found a helpful video. But please note, you have to skip through almost half of it to get to the actual cutting part. With some patience and visual guidance, and a sturdy hack with the heel of your knife, you’ll find the softer part of the coconut and a white piece of coconut meat will fly out at you and you’ll never be more excited. Once you get past the meat, a perfect hole of coconut water will emerge. And then you can poke a pink straw in and enjoy it. I then went into the ball of coconut and spooned out all the meat. This also takes a lot of deep breathing; it’s like climbing a mountain. And when you get to the top it’s so worth it.


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