Pesto Pasta with Tomatoes

I have allergies. For the first time in my life. Great;  just another weakness that makes me more of a high maintenance person.

At first I believed it to be just a cold; the pain of swallowing, waking up in a sweat, clogged nose and slight cough. But at this point it has been well over a week and the symptoms seem to fade during the day and revisit once I am back in my apartment; standing in the kitchen as the dust particles sit in the sunlit kitchen air. So yesterday, I became a psycho cleaner because I felt like I was allergic to everything. First I windexed (that should be a verb) every window, mirror and glass surface. I swept, swiffered, did laundry, put on fresh, clean pillow cases, dusted the windows, cleaned the fan, scrubbed all the counter tops, and painted my nails (which is a big deal) and showered, finally. The fact that the fan is in the window by my bed results in remnants of the tree outside get blown directly onto my bed; pollen and leaves and dust buildup. It’s disgusting. The side of my bed is covered in brown. And dusting the window resulted in the dust merely being swept up only to fall back into its original space. It’s like the place is impossible to be sufficiently clean.

I slept no better last night than the night previous. The scariest thought that I am allergic to Blake Shelton crossed my mind as he cuddled up to my face. I had to push him away because I can’t breathe through my nose and his fur was getting in my mouth.

So, I’ve subjected my diet to green tea, Emergen-C and store-brand Theraflu because it’s all I have and I can’t spend $30 on name brand allergy medicines. Any suggestions?

If your experiencing the same misery, try this recipe as a distraction. It’s cheesy, savory and light.

You’ll need:


A handful of cherry tomatoes; halved and sprinkled with salt and pepper

1/2 a bottle of Trader Joes pesto

1/2 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese

Salt and pepper, to taste

(Add crumbled Italian sausage and roasted red peppers for added flavor!)

Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Add spaghetti and cook until al dente. Drain the pasta and bring back to the pot. Mix in pesto, tomatoes,  cheese, and stir around so tomatoes are evenly distributed.

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