Skillet Eggs and Tomato Sauce with Garlic Asparagus

 So lately, I have been obsessed with The Office. Usually, I don’t watch TV too much, I swear. But it’s to that point where I am binge-watching just to get to the end. I’m six episodes away and  I want to just skip through all the fluff parts and get to the finale so I know that Jim and Pam stay together, because their distance right now is really concerning, with Jim in Philly and Pam still in Scranton, he seems to be forgetting what is important, but at the same time he waited for Pam to chase her dream going to school in NY…I actually cried last night watching them fight. In The Office. Is this normal? We get so invested in these television show characters, but only because we can relate, right? Or am I just too empathetic that even these fake characters can make me have feelings and actually cause tears…and is it that we become so invested in shows because it seems our lives are lacking something itself that these shows are falsely providing?

I just want Pam and Jim to be okay, and for Erin and Pete to be together, and for Angela’s baby to be Dwight’s son and for Andrew to stop being a total jerk after his 3 month boat ride to the Bahamas. Or was it Bermuda? I’m still confused. And what is one to do when one has finally hit the finale? I’ll have more to report on in my next post. However, I do have a busy weekend ahead. Rielly is coming up to visit tomorrow, we have a lot of brunch party appetizers to make for Saturday morning, a lot of sun and alcohol to soak in, and a Wapack trail hike to accomplish that we will absolutely conquer despite what her protests may be on Sunday morning. I have spent too many of the last few beautiful spring days sitting inside trying to finish up these Office episodes and laying with Blake Shelton.

Anyways, I’ve been watching The Office since the second I got home, during and after making this recipe. This recipe has nothing to do with The Office, but I managed to cook it without splashing the laptop I was using to half watch it and half look at various similar recipes, with tomato sauce, so there is that. I’ve seen the skillet eggs in tomato sauce recipe many times, but it doesn’t seem to have a set name. I thought maybe it would have some kind of Spanish ‘huevos’ dish name.  Unfortunately it doesn’t, and I couldn’t come up with anything too fascinating either which is a bit disappointing. Do any of you have a specific name for this dish? Well here ya go, let’s get this over with so I can get back to Netflix.

You’ll need:

2 cloves garlic

A batch of asparagus

8 oz. can of diced tomatoes

1 tbsp onion powder

2 eggs

salt and pepper, to taste 

Heat a skillet pan with olive oil and add garlic on medium heat. Let simmer for a few minutes until the smell of the garlic rises and add asparagus, sprinkle with onion powder, salt and pepper.  

Dump can of diced tomatoes and juice into the pan over asparagus. Keep at medium heat.

Once the tomato juice  begins to boil, crack an egg into a cup. Make a small dent in the tomato juice mixture and asparagus and slowly pour egg into the hole. Repeat with second egg.

Once the whites of the egg are firm and completely cooked, you’re done! (Made with Trader Joes sundried-tomato chicken sausage.)  

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