Moving day





Today I moved from the apartment I've been living in for the past year and a half. It was the cutest place and had such a cozy ambiance about it with our burgundy leather couch and cream fleece blanket, Beatles poster and Christmas scented candle tarts burning warmth into the air. When I lived there alone two summers ago I'd come home from the gym and strip my clothes in our puny yellow lit bathroom to shower, and get dressed in my colorful back room. The sunset over the back parking lot through my kitchen window looked like a canvas smeared thick with orange and pink paint. I'd feel so shower clean fresh and comfortable with my surroundings, like I truly had a good head in my shoulders, as I walked down and out across the street to go to the grocery store.

Heather and I only had large groups of people over for parties two or three times, mainly because it was perfect for the two of us and w didn't want to stain that peaceful air we had, and because who wants to clean up sticky beer puddles on hardwood floors the next morning or to be more specific, bagel pizza sauce splattered like blood stains on our white hallway walls after New Year's Eve. Yahhhh no. We were more likely to be drinking tea and cuddled up, or filling the kitchen with experimental recipes. Like Parmesan cheese balls and roasted vegetable tikka masala, or running back and forth between our rooms asking "Ok which lipstick?" Or "Heather will you do you hair," "pants or skirt?" and the occasional, just kidding, constant Kardashians reference.

And I always felt safe in that place, even if I would start walking home at 2am and get super paranoid walking down Main Street so I'd start actually sprinting down the street until I got to my front door, jammed the key in, ran up the endless blue carpeted Subway smell infused stairs and get to my door, stumble in and crash into the most comfortable bed in the entire world, and wake up with sunlight pouring in over Syd's furniture store and the fights and distinct laughter of the homeless people hanging outside the shelter across the street.

I think one of the things I will miss the most is just waking up and walking into the living room in my pajamas, talking to heather and making breakfast to eat by the window. Even just the simple act of walking through that apartment, the feeling of safety, of knowingness, of comfort.

This morning, me, Kait, mom, dad and auntie Lisa left at 6 to make our way towards Keene. We first emptied out my apartment, throwing everything into a small Uhaul, and then made our way to the new house.
It was great to have everyone there to help move everything in, but at the same time it was strange, going in to someone else's home and moving my clothes, my mattress and my photos into a foreign place. Not foreign like in Italy, but some other unknown transition, and this didn't hit me until I got home later tonight and was thinking about all my memories in my old apartment and having a best friend as my roommate and not knowing what the next few months will bring.

After we left the new house, we went back to my apartment to finish taking bins into the car and mom vacuumed. We ate lunch at Fritz (chicken Caesar wrap with tomatoes) and we made our way out of Keene until I go back next weekend, next YEAR for good.

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