Sautéed Carrots and Thyme


I finally followed a super simple and easy carrot recipe that my Cooking, Eating and Dreaming professor (yes that is a real class, 400 level english class fyi) suggested to our class. He specifically mentioned “…You might like it [the recipe] so much that you’ll decide to enroll in graduate school in carrot preparation…” The recipe comes from a video of food journalist and New York Times columnist Mark Bittman :

Slow Sauteed Carrots:
You can do some fun things with carrots, and the best recipes usually invoke a lot of butter. Since I have been using coconut oil as a substitute for butter and olive oil, I have found that the my cooking is a lot less oily and greasy-like. But the coconut oil burns faster and the vegetables/eggs/chicken/beef stick to the pan and gets looks dry. For the carrots I needed to use olive oil to get them to caramelize and make the shallots sparkle and brown into a crispy sweet crunchy compliment to the soft carrots.

Peel as many carrots as you feel necessary and cut in half and then again lengthwise so one side has a flat surface.

I used an entire shallot but if I used more carrots I’d use another one. Cut the shallot in quarters so they are the size of a garlic clove.

Douse a frying pan with olive oil and keep the heat on low. Add the shallots, carrots and sprinkle thyme as the carrots gradually caramelize. This may take about 25 to 30 minutes, and be patient. If the heat is on too high, the shallots will burn.

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