Couch thought

IMG_9563There is something about the fall that makes the air light and smell sweet. The chill is not sharp as the winter air that it stings your lungs as you inhale, but cold enough to make you feel more alive, to stimulate your insides. The colors of the earth are not just brown and green but these deep reds and oranges and yellows that seem surreal, seem as if the earth is stretching and yawning and waking up. It is hard to feel down when there is so much beauty around. It is a transitioning time, for nature and for our being; grow as the apple on the tree does, and let go when you are ready, let yourself fall.





I caught up with my dear friend Conner today on Main Street. We walked around and toasted up in the artistic atmosphere that is hard to escape in Keene, especially Brewbakers. They are featuring my old art teachers work there, all plaid paintings with Boston accented lingo and a New England feel. I don’t think I’ve ever walked by or been inside without seeing her there.

Nutella and banana panini for him and a curry pumpkin muffin and caramel latte. It it isn’t chilly or you’re in need of a filling pick me up, Brewbs’ (that’s my abbreviation for Brewbakers) Guru Smoothie is one of their specialties.
Made with banana, chai, peanutbuttter and yogurt, the sunny yellow, creamy subtle banana, for a girl who gags at the ripened texture of an overpowering banana, with the balance of the peanutbutter and the yogurt…is perfect… Especially for breakfast. They also have the Hazel Monkey smoothie made with banana and Nutella instead of peanutbutter.

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