Paleo Cheating with a Fritz Dill Havarti Tuna Melt w. Pickles


Okay I cheated. And not only was it a promiscuous affair with thick, whole wheat grilled bread, but mayonnaise, and Belgium cut French fries with rich spicy chipotle ranch sauce, probably also involving mayonnaise. However, on this rainy, wind blowing the bright leaves on the dark gray sidewalk Wednesday, my friend Jennica and I were feeling as sad as the weather as we usually are when we’re together and sulking about our painfully similar love lives and needed comfort food after playing with her Craigslist kitty named Khaleesi was not sufficient enough. Thinking about it now, we always end up caving in and going out to eat somewhere, but we ended up at Fritz for a cozy atmosphere and and a juicy tuna melt.

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