Few of My Favorite Things (From Trader Joes)

imageOne of the best aspects of going home for the weekend is picking up a few things, or $50 worth of things at Trader Joes.

I remember when they first opened in our area and I would get excited to tag along with mom to grocery shop because they have free samples. The workers wore floral Hawaiian shirts, and the inside of the building was decked with cedar planks and bright colors. Like their website says, they specialize in innovative, hard-to-find, great-tasting foods, like Quinoa Cowboy Veggie Burgers and Gorgonzola crisps, almond butter an coconut spray that is not significantly overpriced and slim picking, as is at Market Basket or Hannafords.

Reasons why I love Trader Joes: They have my favorite wine from Italy for 4.99 (Lamrbusco red.) They have free samples like meatballs with jelly and ketchup sauce (surprisingly tasty), unique fresh flavored food, organic and natural ingredients, and not overwhelming like Whole Foods. And they have cute names for their products. Almond butter.Birds Nests. Dark chocolate covered edamame. And chicken tiki masala.

Heather and I made the gluten free pumpkin pancakes at my house on Sunday morning, along with a discussion on the pumpkin craze and how it probably came about due to Dunkin Donut advertising after they gave their coffee and donuts artificial pumpkin flavors.

The pancakes were the fluffiest I have personally ever had, and the moistest. The pumpkin flavor was subtle and sweet and we used hot 100% real maple syrup.

I also made the broccoli slaw on Tuesday night with 3/4 cup mayonnaise, an (accidental) entire packet of coleslaw spices, an apple and walnuts. My mom makes the only coleslaw I like and she swears by this coleslaw packet but told me to only use a little, and I used the whole bag. Besides the extra sugary flavoring, the slaw came out exceptional, crispy apples, crunch of the broccoli slaw and walnuts and the tang of mayonnaise.

The Curry Simmer Sauce is bursting with flavor, like a spicy, chunky masala sauce. I sauteed it with broccoli and chicken, it would be good with chicken and rice too, which is suggested.

Oh, also I got thyme for a sauteed carrot recipe that my professor gave me. I’ll keep you posted.

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