Alfredo, Chitarra & Red Lipstick

On Thursday, the rain was still pursuing as my class worked together in the kitchen making kebabs, pasta salad, and biscotti. We made pancetta, bistecca & sausage kebabs with sage leaves in between the meat for flavor. They were soooo amazing. I don’t know how I am going to enjoy meat when I go back home, especially the sausage, because it is so thick and fresh here, bursting with natural flavor!!!

I feel like when I am eating the food here I am literally eating it straight from the garden, straight from the farm, straight from the tree, straight from the cow. The milk is only good for three days, which really says something about what they put in our milk at home to last us a a whole week. An orange that Sarah bought a few days ago was found in the fruit bowl completely gray with mold. It is actually really inconvenient at times.

With our kebabs we had pasta salad with peas, grilled eggplant, walnut, and lemon juice. My mouth tasted summer but the darkness and pelting against the window of the basement kitchen proved otherwise.

After class, I took a nap until around 7 30. When I woke up, Sarah was finished with her LONG AWAITED homemade Alfredo sauce. It was so cheesy; a whole block of Parmesan cheese-cheesy.

Our neighbors, Danella & Scott came over for dinner and we chatted over Alfredo pasta & wine. They really are the sweetest people, we’re so lucky to have been scared by Danella’s “hello!” from the window as we were washing dishes! After our dinner, everyone took out their guitars and we had a total jam sesh in the kitchen until 2am! I surprisingly remembered “Nobodys Home” by Avril Lavigne as I played around with Sarahs guitar!  That was the only full song I ever knew how to play and I played it every single day in Eighth grade! Good times..

I think everyone went through 9 bottles of wine, (I was drinking water the whole time because I’m sick) but we were all singing so loud to Say it Ain’t So by Weezer, Backstreet Boys and Ashley and Scott rapping to Notorious B.I.G. and Danella told us about going skydiving with Clint Eastwood and his daughter!

On Friday, we had a make-up day for class, and I slept until 1 30 hen had a bowl of Fiochi cereal, which is my favorite cereal here. Its just like Special K Red Berry but it had cherries, strawberries and raspberries in it! I also bought a giant box of Quaker Oats at the International Market to make oatmeal and granola with. A little cinnamon, a little syrup, some banana: oatmeal heaven. After Italian class, the twins friend from school arrived to stay for the weekend, She is studying away in Paris and she said that everything here is so cheap compared to Paris. Another one of Sarahs friends, Simon, who is just another Australian casually backpacking across Europe also is visiting for the weekend. They met at a hostel in Switzerland and he is so nice! But..he didn’t know what a bagel was. And when we showed him a picture he goes “that’s a donut!” and we all got so mad and he just cracked up laughing. We are very passionate about our bagels.

For dinner that night, we brought Simon to Gusta Pizza (FINALLY!) and it was also my first time. We got there just before the crowd, ordered 5 Margarita pizzas and sat at a round glass table that sits on a giant barrel. Between the glass and the top of the barrels are left over receipts and cards that are signed by all the customers. The restaurant as a whole is very small, the majority of it being taken up by the counter where you can watch the pizza men roll out the dough, spread the sauce, sprinkle the fresh mozzarella and basil, spicy salami, anchovies and plum tomatoes, and then insert it into the large brick oven, flaming with a pizza aroma of deliciousness.

On Saturday, the rain would still not let up, but Ashley and I woke up and scurried around for a high fashion 60’s outfit to help our friend Mary do a photo shoot for her Photography class! We went around the city from the Ponte Vecchio to the Carousel to the Duomo to alleys between buildings and took a ton of awesome pictures! It was so much fun. Ash & Taylor looked so cute! Once we finished, the girls went to Lions Den to get bagels, and I went back to the house. It was Page’s last night in Florence and she wanted to go to Gusta, so we went there for the second night in a row! That time I ordered the calabrese pizza (tomato, mozzarella, basil & spicy salami.) And decided that next time ( because there will be a next time) I’m going to order the Gusta Pizza, which is plum tomatoes, mozzarella, Parmesan & rucola. Page ate her whole pizza in less than ten minutes I swear, an then finished Simon’s. Love that girl! While we were doing our photo shoot that day, her an the twins went to Cinque Terre and their pictures are so breathtaking.

After Gusta, I bought my favorite Prosecco wine that we tried in wine tasting class. We played cards and then went out to meet up with our other friends. Danella and Scott met up with us later and we tried to go to the Secret Bakery, but they wouldn’t open the doors, probably because we were being too loud. It started to downpour and Ashley ran through the street calling herself the Rain Hippie, soaking wet in her model clothes and Fidora hat.

                                                ^ Photo shoot!

                                ^ Model Status

^Calabrese Pizza

                                     ^ Dan waiting for the secret bakery to open!

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