Mexican night in Italy

On Saturday night, my friends and I left our comfy beds (finally around 4 pm) to hide under our umbrellas through the rain and get our fix of Mexican food in Italy, and of course indulge in happy hour for the four euro famous margaritas at Tijuanas Mexican restaurant on via ghibileena.

Seven out of the ten girls ordered the frozen strawberry margaritas because Taylor said hers last week was! And this was true, the strawberry margarita was perfectly sweet topped with a star fruit. (Which is a green fruit that is star shaped when cut – and tastes like a really crisp pear when it is ripe.)

For dinner I ordered the chicken burrito with guacamole on the side! Oh how I have missed guacamole. (Except not that jarred guacamole that my best friend Katie buy at the supermarket that is a little too bright for coloring and has no chunks of tomato or avocado in it and a very questionable chemical in it.) my burrito was stuffed with cheese, chicken, yellow and red peppers, spicy sauce, black refried beans, hash browns and salsa. Oh my god, I smothered my guac all over that baby and stuffed my face and my mouth and my belly were having a fiesta of joy. The variety of flavors and textures in my mouth was so comforting and delicious – the juice of the spicy chicken and the crunch of the sweet peppers, balanced out by the rice with the smooth ess of the beans contoured by the refreshing and salty guacamole topped with luxurious cheese -if that makes sense. The burrito seemed to last forever, and I had to take a short break to drink my mango margarita which was even better than the strawberry one, overflowing the glass rimmed with sugar. We were very full people that night.

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