Italian Fashion ( and Food of course.)

Okay so an important topic that I think needs to be covered in regards to traveling to Italy is the fashion.Somehow I need to relate this back to food but I will do that later on in this post.

It is IRRESISTIBLE not to shop here in, not only Florence, but also Pisa, and I’m sure in other places of Italy. Walking to class, walking to the bookstore, walking anywhere, you cannot avoid windows filled with golden sparkling clutches and ballet flats with crystal bow ties. Studded boots, studded bags, studded everything, fur boots, leather boots, leather jackets, leather purses, leather belts, name brand bags hanging on mannequins dressed in Gucci, Burberry, Prada, Celine Paris, Louis Vuitton; everyone here has a Louis V bag, or belt, or Prada bag, or Gucci jacket. Magnificent watches, Tiffany & Co. jewelry, I could go on forever and drown in it all.

Never have I been so fascinated by such material things, or consumed by the outfits all around me, wanting everything in sight, SHOES BAGS PANTS BLAZER JACKET BRACELET SCARF GET IN MY CLOSET. Its really interesting the way that people dress themselves here, looking casual and chic in the most random of outfits that my friends and I would look like complete idiots wearing. On an ordinary day, we throw on yoga pants, a sweatshirt, Ugg boots or flip flops, and put a bun in our hair. I have not seen that here, or once done that here. And when I have thought about doing such a thing, it is quick and fleeting thought, a memory. The woman can be sophisticated and grunge at the same time and totally pull it off; nothing tight but baggy and comfortable yet stylish and gorgeous. I guess in order to understand what that looks like you would have to step inside the heart of Florence.

When I imagine getting on the plane from Zurich and flying into Boston, I picture myself in Victoria Secret sweatpants and a sweatshirt, but how unacceptable and unfathomable would that be flying into Florence. Certainly rare. Why is it acceptable in American but not in Europe? And if people are always saying that America is the “future” and we’re so “business-savvy” then why are we so under dressed and lame compared to European fashion and culture? (The same can obviously not be said about personal hygiene, but when it comes to fashion energy I think Europe definitely comes out on top.)

And it’s not about fitting in either. Because every article that these woman are draped in, is original. Funky colored purses, short studded boots, high studded boots, fold over studded boots that really make a statement and that I have not seen in America except for on Kendall and Kylie Jenner or Miley Cyrus. What else? Fur coats, and just really unique designer things.

Another thing is that a lot of girls in my classes seem to be totally with this whole Italian, grungy young adult fashion theme that all the twenty something year old celebrities are always rocking and which most of us are all too ugly or cheap to pull off, with their worn in combat boots, ripped tights and jean shorts, and a hanging off the shoulder sweater, with messy hair that I really don’t understand (because how do you wake up in the morning and not brush your hair when its all frizzy and sticking up like that?) NO MAKEUP finely waxed

eyebrows and I’m just like “How are you even doing that? How are you even pulling that off right now?” And I think its because half of Italy study abroad girls are from Michigan and I don’t know why but everyone from Michigan is gorgeous and If you don’t understand just Google image “Michigan girls” and then once you’ve checked that out, Google image “New Hampshire girls.” Its hilarious actually.

Okay so since this is a food blog, I must relate this post to food, and I have found the perfect solution.

Check this out!!!!! Fashion and Foods duet is a beautiful masterpiece, thanks to Dolce&Gabbana.Food and Fashion delivered

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