Torre Pendente di Pisa

Hey there blog followers, today I am writing to you, sick in my bed, tissues and disinfecting spray surrounding me. This weekend has been extremely eventful and I’m guessing my immune system is suffering from my just that, as well as from my lack of adequate nutrition consisting of eggs, bread and Nutella, and too much wine and beer.

On Friday, my roommates and I got to the train station around noon to take a bus to Pisa. After purchasing our tickets through a touch screen computer and paying 7.40 euros, we scurried around trying to find where to validate out ticket, which was through a little machine on the walls against the tracks in which you insert your ticket into until a little buzzer goes off and inks your tickets with some words, and then to find our train by asking some young woman.

Note for next travel: bring a big water bottle!

The train ride was an hour long and we got there at 1 30. From the train station you just contribute walking straight through a long touristy road filled with shops and bars until you reach a broken down brick wall and then the leaning tower can be seen a mile away in the sky. There was really good shopping in Pisa, everything was way cheaper than in Florence, however the same cannot r said for the food. I don’t even want to talk about it but I will for your sake.

Okay so, our main goal was to avoid any restaurants with a tourist menu, hitch every cafe seemed to have. With old pictures if the favorite dishes with a bottle of coke next to it hanging outside the door. We were starving and continued walking and walking till we really felt tht was all they had here, until we can across this little cafe with yellow walls and an ok italian man and woman, with pastries in the window And cute teapots on the tables and a menu in faded gold. We felt uncomfortable because we didn’t know if we ordered and then sat down or sat down and got waited on, and so we just say down and awkwardly looked around. All the Italians around us were causally drinking espresso or tea and looked as if they’d been there for hours, laughing, probably snickering at us.

After I ordered a mocha cafe and a spaghetti bolognese, and after sarah realized she couldn’t read the menu because it was in Dutch, Sarah and I were surprised to see the old woman who waited on us take out plastic plates.

Then we saw a packed box of food on the table. You’ll never believe this…. Then she put it in the MICROWAVE AND THEN AFTER TWO MINUTES IT BEEPED AND SHE PUT IT ON THE PLASTIC PLATE AND GAVE IT TO US. I literally freaked out, “I’m eating microwaved food in Italy. I’m eating microwaved food. Period.This cannot be happening!” I couldn’t believe it I was so hungry and so exited until I put that bumpy microwaved noodle in my mouth. The mocha cafe was delicious though…

So after I walked off my anger (until I thought about it every so often and felt my stomach turn into what later would be a long bathroom experience) we saw the leaning towers of Pisa over the apartment buildings an started taking pictures. It really is a beautiful structure, the basilica behind it even more extravagantly designed and painted. The sky was clear and we bought postcards and took pictures pretending to push the tower upwards. The tower is actually incapable of falling over itself because I read that some kind of wire put into it recently but ill have to get back to you on that! To sum it all up, Pisa is the perfect day trip: shop, take pictures at the tower, and make sure you grab lunch closer to the tower rather than the road leading towards the towers (behind the tower, and behind the vendors selling postcards and scarves and where all the people are.)

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