Made dinner last night for my roommates!

First homemade meal in Florence! Ashley and I went to the market and got sausage links, eggs, pasta, tomatoes, fresh bread, pancetta, olive oil and some cheeses. The guy at the cheese stand and I had a really difficult time communicating and he thought it was funny but I was like okay bye.

For dinner I sautéed the sausage in olive oil and salt and once those were done, poured in diced tomatoes and lots of Parmesan cheese! Then boiled the spaghetti and mixed it all together! Yay. It was really delicious. The sausage smelt so good and was really flavorful.

Next time I hope to make a big colorful salad with homemade dressing, since they don’t really have dressings here beside balsamic vinaigrette.

We’ve been eating a lot of bread with Nutella and fruits. The Nutella here is less oily and tastes better than the Nutella at home, even though it comes in the same jar. Jacquie’s teacher told her that genetically processed foods are illegal in Italy, and in the Unites States that is basically the only kind of food we eat! Even fruits and vegetables are genetically modified. Everything here is organic.

For dinner tonight I made an italian style BLT! I’m so freaking clever, I used pancetta, which tastes just like bacon, sliced tomatoes and cheese. Ill post pictures obviously.


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