First Weekend

On Friday, my roomates and I went to the Mercato Centrale for fresh fruits and vegetables. It is right around the corner from our apartment by The Duomo and the Basilika. There are many markets in Florence, indoor an outdoor. The specific one we went to was indoor, past many outdoor vendors selling leather, scarves, bags and shoes. The Central Market had cow hearts, fresh fish, produce, coldcuts, every fruit and vegetable imaginable including black corn, pomegranate and clementines. There was a whole section of parmesean cheeses, dried fruits and nuts. I bought tomatoes from a very bitter woman who I did not understand at all but I purchased about 7 tomatoes for 1 euro. We did not tour the entire market becaue our feet were getting tired, and Ashley wanted to visit the italian man at the leather jacket stand. Every stand we walk by, someone is looking at us, or saying “student discount” or “10 percent f of the girl smiles” or begging us to come to their stand.

Later that night Ashley and I met up with other girls from Keene that are studying in Florence! We went to Acgua el Due, which had awesome reviews from TripAdvisor, raving the blueberry steak and pasta sampler. The restaraunt was cramped and dark, with signed plates decorating the walls. They start you off with bread and warm hummus and bruschetta al pomodora (tomato.) Ashley and I shared the pasta sampler and meat sampler. The chef picks out five unique pasta dishes for the table to share, and they are a completely different range of options that another table might get. We tried spinach pasta, rigatoni with tomoto sauce and egglplant, rice with anchovies and artichokes, pumpkin sauce and squash pasta, and gnocchi with pepperoni and tomato sauce. Gnochi is a potato based pasta; not a fan quite yet. Its very heavy.

Our next dish was the meat sampler, which included three meats: blueberry steak, salted steak with Parmesan cheese, tomato and a piece of bread, and balsamic steak! Don’t judge the blueberry steak! It wasn’t sweet at all and the sauce harmonized really well with the steak. Ashley and I walked home with full bellies and lots of laughs as always!

On Saturday, I met up with AnnMarie and we got sandwiches and talked about our crazy lives! How crazy that we both end up in Florence together after graduating high school and going to college! We went to a small burger place and I got a hot salami sandwhich on a baguette with mayo and tomato. it was so spicy and delicious. I’m so glad Ann is here because it makes me feel closer to home! Love that girl.

It rained pretty much all day, but after Ann and I did a little shopping and I got a pair of amazing boots, I have her my umbrella to walk home and me and the roomies took naps. I’m still adjusting to the time difference here, I usually can’t fall asleep until 3 or 4am and don’t wake up until 1 30 pm. Then we usually take a nap ( or a “siesta”I should say) at five.

Now my laundry is goin on 7 hours so I really need to figure this shit out.

sidenote: I walked through Prada today and pretended I was famous enough to buy a makeup bag for 200 euros. #sad

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