Firenze de Kenzicles

Hey ya’ll (as my southern roomates would say and what I’m slowly becoming attracted to saying,)

Kenzicles here.

I am starting this blog today to document my experience in Florence, Italy. I’m living here for 4 months with my love Ashley, who I met in class freshman year, along with our roommates Sarah and Jacquie, whom we just met and they are quite the pair of silly little talented twins!

At first I was hesitant to to make this blog because I feel like it might be hard to keep up with along with my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Keek, my food blog and journal (social media freak, I know.) But I have lots of pictures and this will be a great outlet for everything put together and for my family and friends to see! Yay.

The first few days here were a bit of a struggle for me. Once we arrived in Florence, Ashley and I took a cab to our hostel on via Faenza. Our room was a pinkish color with tile ceilings and our cots were pushed together. We had to lock the door with a little ancient looking key from the inside, unlock it if we were going to the bathroom, then use a key to unlock the bathroom door, lock that door and then unlock it once we were done, then lock it back up…you get it. And the locks here work so that you must turn the key entirely clockwise . Sitting in that little room with cigarette smoke wafting through the window and the echoes of italian speaking men, it had suddenly hit me that I was across the globe from home with possibly no connection to the outside world: and I was like what the flying fuck am I doing here I am not ready for this I am helpless I want to go home right now mom get me on the next flight home right now I am going to suffocate and die. Repeatedly. And I couldn’t stop crying I was just so scared and I don’t think Ashley knew what to do she just fell right asleep and time couldn’t go any slower. The next morning was probably worse, my feelings boiling inside my head, tears pushing at my eyes as we sweat our way through the city looking for the apartment.

Once we got to the apartment we slept for hours and finally woke up to our roommates moving in.

Some things that helped me gain sanity:

-Ashley making me laugh endlessly

-our view of the Duomo outside our bedroom window

-spaghetti and gelato

-Jacquie referring to Lizzie McGuire multiple times

-Annmarie’s familiar face at orientation

-encouragement and reassurance from mom of course and Kaitlyn and Greg and keene biddies.

-playing temple run

-setting up our room

-our totally cute apartment

-the smell of waffles while walking down the street

-ultimate savior: FaceTime people!!

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